Health Services Management degree

Advance your career in healthcare

The Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management at Indiana University Northwest provides preparation for students interested primarily in careers in the health field. Students will be prepared for management positions within hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, or nonprofit agencies.

This hybrid degree is a flexible program, allowing prospective students already working to earn their degrees without sacrificing their careers.

What can I do with a Health Services Management degree?

A degree in Health Services Management can aid in numerous careers such as health information officer, insurance agent, community health advocate, medical and health services manager, patient representative, and health care analyst, among others.

Medical and Health Services Manager

Oversee, coordinate, and direct medical and health services or organizations.

Median salary*

  • Indiana - $96,460
  • United States - $104,830
*Salary data from O*NET OnLine

Insurance Agent

Sell different types of insurance (life, property, casualty, vehicle, etc.) independently or through an insurance company.

Median salary*

  • Indiana - $60,590
  • United States - $57,860
*Salary data from O*NET OnLine

Health Policy Analyst

Work with healthcare providers to analyze policies and ensure their organizations' compliance or improve efficiency.

Median salary*

  • Indiana - $68,917
  • United States - $70,669
*Salary data from