Master of Public Affairs Degree

Earn your MPA at IU Northwest

The Master of Public Affairs (MPA) program at Indiana University Northwest is built by doers. Here, your education will be shaped by the real-world problems you solve in Northwest Indiana and beyond. And, here, you can achieve your MPA faster than it takes to complete a traditional program.

Our fully accredited MPA program helps prepare our graduates to lead and solve some of society's most complex and changing issues. Our students have helped change laws while earning their degrees and have gone on to work in the highest sectors of government after graduation.

The Master of Public Affairs includes four concentrations:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Leadership (public administration)
  • Health Services Administration and Social Change
  • Sustainability and Social Change

This degree not only can result in successful careers in local, state, or federal government, public administration, health, nonprofit organizations, and more, but can aid in getting you promoted to supervisory, managerial, and administrative positions in both the public and private sectors.

78%MPA Completion Rate

MPA Employment Rates

  • City/State/ Federal Government Jobs: 31.5%
  • Non-profit/Private Sector: 31.5%
  • Other jobs outside of Public Affairs: 25%
  • Continuing Education Students: 12%

From IU Northwest to the US Department of Education

Melanie Muenzer received her MPA from Indiana University Northwest in 2005. Today, she works for the U.S. Department of Education.

A woman sits and smiles in front of wall of tan bricks.

Have courage to look at your life and see where you can take a chance on things. ... Just take a deep breath and just go for it.

- Melanie Muenzer

MPA Curriculum

IU Northwest's MPA program is a 36-credit hour degree, which provides our students with the knowledge and experience that can be used in various roles within the changing public and nonprofit sectors. A student must take the core 27 credit hours and additional 9 credit hours in the concentration of their choosing.

The degree requirements are as follows:

Core courses consist of 27 credits

  • V500 (3) Quantitative Tools for Public Affairs
  • V502 (3) Public Management
  • V506 (3) Statistical Analysis for Effective Decision-making
  • V509 (3) Administrative Ethics in the Public Sector
  • V517 (3) Public Management Economics
  • V540 (3) Law and Public Affairs
  • V560 (3) Public Finance and Budgeting
  • V600 (3) Capstone in Public & Environmental Affairs
  • V601 (3) Workshop in Public Affairs

  • J666 (3) Criminal Justice Policy & Evaluation
  • J501 (3) Evolution of Criminological Thought and Policy
  • Elective (3) Course to be approved by SPEA

  • V566 (3) Executive Leadership
  • V602 (3) Strategic Management
  • Elective (3) Course to be approved by SPEA

  • V545 (3) The U.S. Health Care System
  • V546 (3) Health Services Utilization
  • Elective (3) Course to be approved by SPEA

  • V559 (3) Principles and Practices of Social Entrepreneurship
  • V602 (3) Strategic Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Elective (3) Course to be approved by SPEA

Students can apply for a mid-career option and be granted a waiver by the graduate committee for a certain number of concentration credits based on professional experience.

If you can see yourself earning a Master in Public Affairs degree from Indiana University Northwest, apply today!

For admission or questions, contact: Maya Theus (219-980-6950) or Eric Lambert (219-980-6821)