Community Engagement

Committed to Our Region

The purpose of Indiana University Northwest is to enhance the quality of life of the most diverse, urban, industrialized region of the state.

We are committed to engaging and partnering with our communities to ensure the region’s students succeed in the classroom and our communities continue to thrive. We serve the region, we facilitate partnerships, we engage in deep and meaningful collaborations, and we celebrate our work together.

Community engagement is our way of demonstrating that our work is driven by our purpose.

Making an Impact in Our Community

Indiana University Northwest’s involvement in the community is deep and wide. The Collaboratory, an online tool, can be used to explore our work in the region and create new connections with IU Northwest. The faculty and staff directory can be used to learn more about the community-engaged IU Northwest employees who have documented their work in the Collaboratory.

Center for Urban and Regional Excellence

Community engagement is a guiding principle at IUN, fostering mutually beneficial relationships between the university and its surrounding communities.

Building and sustaining community partnerships is the core work of the Center for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE).

Since its inception in 2004, CURE has engaged with the community to co-create approaches for addressing the region’s needs and provide life-long learning experiences.   

Together, we can make The Region a better place!

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