Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science

Prepare for a career in Forensic Science

The School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IU Northwest offers a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science with concentrations in forensic biology, forensic chemistry, and criminalistics. It is the only forensic science degree in Indiana, and one of a few in the country, which offers a path in criminalistics.

  • Forensic biology focuses on human body evidence, such as DNA analysis.
  • Forensic chemistry is the application of chemistry to crime scene evidence to help solve the crime, such as carpet fiber or explosive analysis.
  • Criminalistics focuses on the identification, collection, and analysis of physical evidence in criminal cases, such as fingerprint analysis or blood splatter analysis.

The degree, which begins in August 2023, is focused on applying scientific methods to matters of law, usually involving criminal cases, preparing students to collect and analyze crime scene evidence.

With a forensic science degree, you will be prepared to work in crime labs at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as assist law enforcement agencies with dedicated crime scene units.

What can I do with a Forensic Science degree?

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for forensic science technicians has a projected job growth of 11 percent during the 2021-2033 period, much faster than the average occupation during the same period. The median entry-level pay for forensic science technicians is about $62,000. 

With a forensic science degree, you can work in various forensic careers from an accountant, chemist, document examiner, investigator, nurse, and beyond. You can also work as an arson investigator, DNA analyst, toxicologist, penetration tester, and so much more.

Learn more about the Forensic Science major

Major Requirements

To learn more about the three tracks of forensic biology, forensic chemistry, and criminalistics, please contact Carlie Petrus, academic advisor, at or 219-981-5668.