Funding - Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants are forms of financial assistance that do not need to be repaid. IU Northwest offers multiple scholarships based on merit (your previous academic performance) and financial need.

These include full-scholarships that fund your studies until you graduate and partial one-time only or renewable scholarships.

IU Northwest scholarships are available to students interested in certain degree programs, such as nursing, education and science. We even offer scholarships for students from select Indiana counties. Want to study abroad? We offer scholarships for that, too.

We also offer federal and state-funded scholarship programs, including:

Indiana University Law Schools' Scholarships

IUN Law Scholars will receive a scholarship ranging from 30% to 100% of the cost of tuition to attend the Maurer School of Law. The flat yearly tuition is $36,750 for in-state residents and $58,000 for non-residents. Detailed information about the current cost of attendance at the Maurer School of Law can be found at the school's website.

The scholarship will reduce the Law Scholar's cost of earning a J.D. degree at the Maurer School of Law. The scholarship will be equally applied toward fall and spring tuition over the 3 years of attendance, but in no event will the amount applied exceed the amount charged for tuition. The student will be responsible for paying any difference between their scholarship and any tuition or other charges. Students with credentials higher

One IUN student will be selected after the application deadline of April 1st. The scholarship will be half of the tuition cost for the duration of the program if the student maintains a 2.8 GPA each semester of enrollment.

Need-based Federal and State Grants

Taxability of Scholarships and Grants

If you are saving for or paying higher education costs, you are eligible for federal tax benefits.

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