Program Information

Program is available for IUN for the Summer sessions only. Select the summer sessions on the application.

  • Summer I (5 weeks) 
  • Summer II (3 weeks)


The cultural offerings of Bilbao, its location and size, as well as the existing ties between IUN and the local universities, made Bilbao and optimal destination for our students.

Bilbao’s size (~350.000 residents) is very manageable for students who might not feel comfortable in large urban settings (Madrid, Barcelona).

It has an outstanding public transportation system that opens to students the city as well as the whole region in a very convenient and affordable way (tram, subway, buses). Bilbao has nowadays Europe's most modern underground and tram systems.

The artistic and cultural offer of the city is remarkable for its size: along with more than 20 museums and galleries, the city has a year-round wide offering of music concerts and festivals, theatre, as well as the country's most celebrated cuisine.

Less than an hour away from Bilbao, students have destinations of enormous interest, such: the house-museum of Spain’s most international sculptor Eduardo Chillida, the painted forest of another emblematic Basque artist Agustin Ibarrola, the city of Guernika, the coastal city of San Sebastian, small fishing villages dating from the middle ages where students can experience ancient rural life and the sports and traditions characteristic of the Basque Country.

USAC students can opt to live in Getxo or Bilbao. Both offer a variety of cultural events, museums and sports such as surfing, rowing, soccer, hiking, bicycling and more. Because of its natural oceanside beauty, most USAC students opt to live in Getxo.

Modern day Getxo has a population of approximately 85,000 and is an affluent community popular for its beaches, lively nightlife and diverse cultural activities. It is well connected by bus to the University of the Basque Country campus in Lejona and to the center of Bilbao by subway and bus, (about 20 minutes away).


  • Students at any IU campus who is making normal academic progress
  • Have approximately a 2.5 cumulative GPA


  • IU students will be living in a Spanish household. All meals are provided by the host family and are included in the program price.
  • Housing is within commuting distance of classes and is always prearranged ahead of time.

Program Organization

Students from Indiana University will take classes at the University of the Basque Country (UPV) premises through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC).

IU Northwest Program Contact

IU Director: Eva Mendieta

Student Services Coordinator:Selena Rodriguez

For questions, please contact: