Academic Regulations

Students must have their programs of study approved by the MLS program director. Courses at the 300 or 400 level that are available to be taken for graduate credit as a D500 level seminar will include additional assignments beyond those required for undergraduate credit. Enrollment in such courses requires the approval of the instructor and of the MLS program director. It is sometimes possible for a student to take a graduate level course at IU Northwest or elsewhere that can count as an elective in the MLS program.  Permission for this must be given by the program director before the student registers. Students who have graduate course credits before they enroll in the MLS program may have some credits transferred into the program, but such transfers of credits will not be considered until the student has demonstrated satisfactory progress in the MLS program. Courses used for another degree or certificate cannot also be used for MLS credits.

Creating Courses

Most of the 300 and 400 level classes in the IU Northwest Schedule of Classes can be made available to MLS students as LIBS D511, D512, or D513 electives. Simply choose 300/400 level courses from the schedule and the program director will arrange to create graduate courses for you. 

The conditions to be met are these:

  • The instructor must agree to add graduate students to the course, including assigning additional coursework
  • The student must have met the prerequisites for the 300 or 400 level course (the only option here is to first take the prerequisites, which sometimes means taking a 100 or 200 level course that does not carry graduate credit)
  • The course cannot be one that the student has previously received credit for as an undergraduate or graduate student