Political Science

Political Science

Political Science is the study of governments, public policies and political behavior.  The political science program at IU Northwest uses both humanistic and scientific perspectives to examine the politics of the United States and all countries and regions of the world.

Political Science majors hone the writing, communications, and analytical skills that are critical to a liberal arts education. This kind of education prepares them to think critically and independently and with tolerance for others and concern for current affairs.

Program Highlights

The political science program is known for challenging students to think differently about politics and policies.  Faculty members are committed to student engagement and constantly seek opportunities to interact with students outside the classroom.  The program encourages outside learning opportunities such as one-on-one research with faculty members, participation in undergraduate research conferences, and study abroad programs.  Students are also encouraged to seek internships as they are an excellent means of gaining real-world experience, developing a professional network, and choosing a career option.

Career Opportunities

A B.A. in Political Science prepares students to assume the duties of citizenship by providing a broad educational base for understanding past and contemporary political events. Political Science graduates acquire special knowledge and skills useful in public service, law, journalism, and other careers, and are equipped with the intellectual tools necessary for the scholarly study of government and politics. Many of our Political Science majors go on to law school or graduate school in political science or public affairs.