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So, hello, my name is Xelha Chavez Ibarra, I am a major of radiology with a minor in Spanish. Um, I am the year of 2026 groups is a program where you get to engage with a lot of people and helps you with classes, um, uh, credits. But you, you learn about like not only yourself but other people. You get to engage with other people before you come into the college, which I really love because coming in, um, I was afraid to come by myself, but I felt like I wasn't, because I knew a lot of people I knew I talk to them cause I notice it's nerve wracking to come into a new school. Not knowing anybody or anything. And Groups program just helped me with that, knowing that I have a lot of resources and a lot of people that I can go to.

So, um, that's a big thing about Groups program. Um, and also like the opportunity of, they also give you a scholarship for that, which is really great. Um, cause I know a lot of people like that as well and look into that. Um, and I really do recommend it. It's a really, really, really, really like helpful resource or program to be in. So Group Scholars program has helped me a lot. Um, it gave me the, uh, opportunity to know the university better and first before anybody else did. Um, I was actually the person who was helping other students know where um, different locations are, um, which I really loved. And um, I got to actually finished some classes in the summer during the groups program, which helped me a lot. Just the resources and it's very helpful for us to know that we are able to get help from a lot of people and also the, the way that we can engage in school.

Um, during holidays for example, during the holiday of Christmas we had um, ice skating where we can engage there or the zip lining. It's really fun. Or during Valentine's Day where we get to get a flower or hot chocolate in this in the winter, which I really, I really, really love. Just love the fact that we can do a lot of things in this university. Um, I actually did tell, um, one of my friends from a different university and she said she was really thinking of coming into this school because of the engagement there is in this school cause there isn't a lot in her school and she loves the fact that there is here. And um, I just really love the fact that she said that. So my go-to spot on campus is actually where I'm sitting at right now. I love the lighting and in the summer they actually do a waterfall right at the back of me, which I love seeing. And um, smells really good here cause it's close to the lunch, the lunchroom . So makes me wanna go get some food as well, which is really great as well. Um, but uh, yeah, this is my perfect spot. The lighting just more quiet here. It's for me. So you should come to IU New Northwest because it is the best university ever.

Xelha Chavez-Ibarra

Xehla is a first year student studying Radiology with a minor in Spanish. Hear about her experience in the Groups Scholars program and what you can benefit from by being part of it!

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