Credit Prior Learning

Types of Credit Assessment

Veterans may earn college credit for educational experiences in the armed services. A Joint Services Transcript (JST) should be submitted with the application materials for consideration. Request your JST.

See IU Northwest military and veteran services policies.


This option is a process that allows you to take a proficiency exam to earn credit for one or more courses based on your knowledge of the material. 

Advanced Placement (AP) 

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Policy ( 

Cambridge Assessment International Education Credits 

International Baccalaureate (IB) higher-level exams ( 


Advanced College Project Courses (ACP) 

ACP courses represent dual credit courses taught at Indiana University. These credits appear directly on your transcript and are applied to your college education. Each course covers the same content, has the same expectations, and gives the same credit as the course taught at the IU campus.  

Additional information about ACP can be found here: 

High School Student Programs - Indiana University Northwest ( 

IU Advance College Project

Some programs allow the option to test out of specific courses by taking a proficiency exam. These exams are administered by individual departments or the program coordinator. While the test out process allows you to avoid taking one or more courses, this typically does not award course credit.

A portfolio is a collection of work and documentation that represents your learning. Portfolios are reviewed by departments or faculty to determine the appropriate amount of credit earned. 

See more portfolio information.

Transcription Process & Costs


There are some costs to CPL. First, there is a portfolio evaluation fee (ranging from $125 to $200) depending on the size of your portfolio. These funds pay for the review process. There is also a fee to transcribe your prior learning credit onto your transcript. This fee is $21.50 per credit hour recording fee. The fees become part of student’s current bursar bill and can be satisfied using financial aid monies. Students are not expected to pay the fees before the credit is posted.