SGA Congress

The Student Congress

The Student Congress Ensuring that all students are heard and represented on campus is our number one priority. Our Congress is a diverse body of students composed of Coordinators who focus on the SGA engagement efforts, as well as Representatives from each academic division, many student life related campus offices and liaison positions to campus operations offices. It is their duty to relay student concerns, vote on legislation, and preside over student clubs in order to promote a healthy campus environment.

Congressional Committees

To raise a concern about a specific issue please contact us at and reference a committee below:

Chaired by the Vice President for Campus Life and Operations, the Standing Committee on Campus Life is tasked with addressing student issues related to DEI. The Committee regularly meets with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  They are tasked with reviewing or introducing legislation within the Student Congress. Ideas for legislation can be submitted to this committee. They are also charged with reviewing and presenting a budget to the Student Government Association. They receive and review petitions for funding on behalf of Student Organizations and present the petition to the SGA Congress for approval.

Chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Standing Committee on Academic Affairs works with the Student Activities Director to host student events. If you wish to become a member or have an idea for a student event please contact this committee.

Chaired by the Vice President for Marketing & Communications, the Standing Committee on Marketing & Communications will focus primarily on the outward involvement of SGA, how SGA and its work are presented to the campus community.

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