What is Army ROTC?

The only college course that is specifically designed to teach and develop:

  • Leadership
  • Managerial Skills
  • Self-discipline
  • Confidence

      ...and place you on the fast track to success in any career you choose.

Army ROTC is a series of elective courses one can take alongside their major course of study. At IU Northwest, the freshman-level MS I course is worth 1 semester hour, and sophomore through senior-level MS II-IV courses are worth 2-3 semester hours. Purdue University Northwest students can enroll in ROTC as a guest student at IU Northwest. The universities will typically accept up to six ROTC credit hours as electives. ROTC is not a major in itself.

Military science classes meet once a week for a lecture and leadership lab, and three times a week for physical training.

ROTC is designed to develop and enhance the leadership skills of university students. While in ROTC, cadets lead the life of a normal college student but have the added bonus of training in communication, time management, and personnel organization. Upon graduation, you may earn a commission as a second lieutenant, an officer in the United States Army.

How is ROTC different from enlisting as a private?

ROTC is the most common way for a college student to receive a commission as an officer in the United States Army. An individual cannot just enlist to become an officer. While all individuals who wish to serve their country must meet the basic educational and physical requirements, officers must also possess a baccalaureate degree, and some preparatory instruction in small unit leadership, planning, and management. College students enrolled in these military science courses assume the rank of cadet and are trained in the fundamentals of military leadership. 

Officers are the leaders of the Army. In addition to leading, officers direct and provide vision and structure to the Army. 

How long must I be a cadet before I can accept a commission?  

ROTC is typically a four-year progression system, but the Army realizes that students have differing circumstances, and has devised many other lateral entry programs as a result. One could feasibly be a commissioned officer in as few as two years (4 semesters) after entry into the program. To learn more, check out the cadet command website or contact an ROTC Instructor.

Do I have to go to Army Basic Training?   

No. However, some individuals may have to attend ROTC Basic Camp during the summer. Basic Camp covers what would have been taught in freshman and sophomore-level military science courses. When a student has completed all of his or her MSI-MSII courses or has attended Basic Camp and is academically aligned as a junior, they become advanced program cadets. The advanced program is conducted during a student’s junior and senior years.