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With language, we communicate, imagine alternate worlds, re-imagine our own, express ideas, and connect with others.  If you have found yourself lost in a book, pulled into a story, or just fascinated by how words work, then a major or minor in IUN’s English Department might be the place for you!  Our professors can help foster your reading skills, sharpen your writing skills, and prep you for a future in graduate school or a wide variety of jobs.  You’ll get to work on learning how to research, read closely, think critically, and understand diverse perspectives. 

We have courses that range from creative writing to professional writing, from British literature to world literature, including courses in Gender Studies, Film Studies, and Japanese literature.  So, no matter if you want to spend time reading Chaucer or Toni Morrison, we have a class for you! 

We offer two tracks, a BA in English, Literature, and a BA in English, Writing, and we offer three minors in English: Writing, Creative Writing, and Literature. We also offer a joint minor with Women's and Gender Studies and an interdepartmental major with Afro-American Studies.

We also offer three online graduate certificates (Composition, Language and Literature, and Literature) and an MA in English as part of IU Online

If you are curious, come talk to any professor, e-mail us, or visit us on Facebook!  

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Career Opportunities

An English degree is a useful, well-received, and marketable major.  With it, you can go to law school, graduate school in English, work for businesses, or work for government agencies. Popular among our majors are careers in advertising, public relations, professional writing, publishing, law, and teaching. 


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