AACSB Accreditation - Improvement Goals

Improvement Goals

Based on the feedback on test-based, course-embedded, and survey-based assessment tools, the School has several goals for improving student learning. Below we outline a number of areas where improvement is sought.

  • Improve student functional knowledge learning

The School has traditionally used the ETS Field Test to measure student learning in the functional areas. The Assessment Committee found that the ETS test did not adequately measure student functional knowledge, which is addressed in Student Learning Outcome #5.

  • The ETS Major Field test does not assess all the important learning outcomes identified by the School. For example, it does not cover ethics, and operations management.
  • In addition, the ETS-MBA does not include questions on international business and information systems.

The School decided to develop its own Core-Concept test for the undergraduate program,  which covers all learning objectives critical to its program, to improve the measure of student functional knowledge.

  • Improve Measurement of MBA Learning Outcome 3b: Critical, Analytical and Integrative Thinking

Because of the compressed curriculum of the MBA program, the School found it difficult to implement an elaborate course-embedded individual-level measure of critical, analytical, and integrative thinking, which is MBA Learning Outcome # 3b.  The School decided to use a business simulation exercise to measure this important learning objective. The School decided to incorporate Comp-XM, a Business Simulation Exercise, into the graduate capstone course.

  • Improve student learning on Learning Outcome #4:  Communication.

S440: Organizational Communication was a required course for business students mapped to Learning Outcome #4 on Communication. However, student data indicated that student learning in this area was not progressing at expected levels.

  • The Committee reviewed the data and concluded that a change was needed to improve student learning in this area.