AACSB Accreditation - Assessment Reviews

Assessment Reviews

The Assessment Committee of the School of Business & Economics reports periodically to the Dean and the faculty regarding reviews of assessment data conducted by the committee as that data is collected.

  • Assessment Reviews

The School of Business & Economics has instituted an elaborate Assurance of Learning process. It involves survey-based assessment, test-based assessment, and course-embedded assessment.

Survey-based Assessment

The following surveys are undertaken by the Assessment Committee:

  • Graduating Student Exit Survey (every semester, undergrad and MBA))
  • Employer Survey (every 5 years)
  • Alumni Survey (every 5 years)
  • EBI Survey (every 5 years)
    • Exit Survey (undergrad and MBA)
    • Faculty Survey
    • Alumni Survey (undergrad and MBA)

The Chair of the Assessment Committee reports the findings of each survey to the Faculty Committee in the semester the results are available.

Test-based Assessment

Besides the surveys, the School also requires all graduating students to take either the ETS Major Field test in Business or a home-grown Core Concept Test. These two tests are administered in alternate semesters as part of the Capstone course in undergraduate (J403) and graduate (D511) programs. This ensures that a student takes only one of the tests. In addition to the ETS major Field test, the School also administers the ETS-ICT test to measure the IT skills of undergraduate and graduate students. The Chair of the Assessment Committee provides a detailed analysis of the results of these tests at a Faculty Meeting next semester.

Course-Embedded Assessment

Course-embedded assessment is particularly suitable for many learning outcomes deemed critical for any business program such as teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and communication.  The School of Business & Economics has instituted a comprehensive course-embedded assessment program. The Undergraduate and Graduate Program learning Goals and Objectives are referenced on this website. Instructors of courses identified for course-embedded assessment, make the relevant results (e.g., essays, reports, evaluation forms etc.) available to the Chair of the Assessment Committee who, in turn, report the results to the Faculty committee.