Communication Department

Reimagining the Field & Practice of Communication Studies

Communication is a field of study where students investigate and understand how people communicate across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. Leveraging both theory and practice, the Department of Communication explores communication techniques and technologies critical to research and evaluation, storytelling, presenting, leadership, and collaboration.

Students interact with local and national leaders of distinction in public relations, digital media and podcasting, political communication, social media, health, and crisis communication strategists through lectures, internships, workshops, panels, and student organizations.

A Communication degree prepares graduates for success in a range of sectors including public speaking, public relations, social culture, and mass/new media.

Student Immersion + Engagement

The communication program allows students to investigate communication processes as they occur within and among individuals, groups, organizations, and societies. Students analyze the human communication process, develop communication skills, and learn how to facilitate others' communication.

There are opportunities for students to put their communication skills to work in professional settings, including the campus web streaming program, internships with Chicago and Northwest Indiana media stations, and professional film production through local venues. The department also sponsors a community-based speech forum, a practicum experience with West Side Theatre Guild in Gary, IN, High School RedHawk Debate Tournament, and Communication Week Activities.

  • Broadcasting Station Manager/Director/Announcer
  • Communication Researcher
  • Community Action Director
  • Public Information Officer
  • Campaign Strategist
  • Manager of Corporate Information
  • Lobbyist
  • Product Script Writer/Audiovisual Editor
  • Public Relations Director/Specialist
  • Speech Writer
  • Media Sales Representative
  • Advertising Manager/Sales Coordinator

For More Information

Browse the links listed above or download the Departmental Information Sheet for Communications to learn about degree and course requirements, student clubs and activities, and more. 

Program Coordinator

Dr. Patrick Johnson -