Medical Humanities

Welcome to the IU Northwest Minor in Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities seeks to help students have an increased awareness of the humanistic, social, and cultural dimensions of health care and health care systems. This Minor will benefit students to be stronger candidates for jobs within the medical field, as well as for graduate study.

Program Highlights

Study in this minor includes human values and ethics in decision making; the idea of preventive and holistic health and health care; patient care as an art form and scientific endeavor; the relation among ecology, economy, and health care; the relation between cultural and social systems and health and health care; the connection between health care systems and good health; the role of the provider-client relationship, especially in the areas of communications skills and the humanistic dimensions of patient care; and the role of the consumer in the health care system.

Career Opportunities

By participating in this minor, a student will become a stronger candidate for jobs within the medical field. Also, this minor will benefit any student that decides to continue their education to graduate school. It is ideal for medical professionals seeking to expand their understanding of the values of their field and their interactions with patients.

For More Information

Contact the Indiana University Northwest Department of History/Philosophy/Political Science/Religious Studies/Medical Humanities, at (219) 980-6655 or send an email to

Thank you for your interest in the Minor in Medical Humanities at IU Northwest!