April 15th 2024

  • Events Coming Up & Past
  • Updates on Student Government Goals and from Committees
  • Faculty Spotlight

What's Past

Solar Eclipse

Rufus' Solar Celebration

This past Monday, April 8th, IUN experienced a partial eclipse. To celebrate, students, staff, and faculty joined outside of the Morraine Student Center to watch the eclipse. Free eclipse glasses and a telescope were available to watch and learn the eclipse.

What's Hot

Important Information to Know About Campus

Things to Look Out For

  • The Marketing and Communications Committee will be partnering with Advising to conduct a survey about student experience with their respective advisors. You will see students walking around with the surveys and possibly a table! Come check us out and fill out a survey!
  • IU DAY is coming up on April 17 & 18th! Make sure to explore campus and see all the fun activities and prizes you can win!
  • REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!! Please make sure to schedule an appointment with your advisor if you aren’t sure what classes to take next semester! The office of Advising suggests you check up with your advisor at least once a semester in order to ensure you are on the right path!

What's next

Explore the Exciting Events Unveiling on Campus in the Upcoming Weeks!

Week of 4/15-4/19

  • ODEMA is hosting their Annual award ceremony on April 16th at 3pm!
  • Celebrate IUN on our IU Days, April 17th and April 18th. Festivities will be going all day!

Week of 4/22-4/26

  • Join the IU Northwest community and march around campus to demand an end to sexual violence through our Take Back the Night Walk on April 23rd at 2 p.m. in Moraine student center. There will be light refreshments
  • Wear jeans with a purpose-- as a visible means of protest against the misconceptions that surround sexual assault on April 24th
  • Silent Disco for Autism Awareness Month on April 25 at 11:30 a.m., in the Moraine Student Center
  • Visit our galleries this week in the Savannah Center and 2nd floor of the Arts and Science building to experience our Fine Arts senior show!

Athletic Updates

Now for some updates regarding our IU Northwest RedHawks

  • There are currently no upcoming athletic events.
  • #ProudToBeARedHawk

Club Events

Below we can see what various clubs around campus are planning!

  • IUN's Asia Club is having their Annual Asia day coming up on April 11th! For more information look out for emails, flyers, and their Instagram account!
  • The School of Business and Economics will be holding a Cyber Security event on April 11th as well! Great networking opportunity, opened to all!

Faculty Spotlight

Faculty Members Making a Difference: Newsletter Standouts

  • Background and experience in the field of Biology:
    “I got my undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University, the final 4 in NCAA the first time since 1983! Then I went to Vanderbilt and got my PhD in pharmacology. I did research on indigenous signals such as growth and transcriptional factors and how it affected the development of the heart and blood vessels. Then continued that work as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Unviersity of Chicago prior to working here.”
  • Extracurriculars or research that I am currently doing on campus:
    “I am working on a study in my Bio101 class in which I am studying team-based learning, a type of application of collaborative learning. This is not just working together but across teams as well.”
  • Advice I would give to students pursuing a degree or career in Biology:
    “Go to class! Since the Pandemic we realize that there are many of things we do not have to in person for but learning is not one of them. Due to so much of our learning being experimentally and with mentorship.
  • Perspectives and experiences that I would like to share about being within the biology department:
    “Maybe I am biased but I believe that I have the best students. I love all of my students biology majors or not but I just have a special warm feeling for my biology students because I see how hard they work and how many of them achieve such great success. Also, my colleagues have been working so cohesively which I believe leaves a good impact on the students.

Committee Updates

Below Are Updates From Your Very Own Student Governments Respective Committee

Marketing & Communications Committee

Marketing & Communications just finished their t-shirt contest in collaboration with Marketing and School of the Arts. The winners shirt will be used for IU Days and possibly available in the Bookstore! The winner was Caleb Bernard!

Campus Life & Operations Committee

Campus Life & Operations have introduced a new way to submit funding requests and hosted an Ice Cream Social. If you or your respective club was unable to attend please reach out to the Student Government email provided below or reach out on our Instagram!

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee has had some Freshmen seminars already based around their respective schools! If you do not know who your dean is or want to contact a representative. The full list can be found online under Full Board or SGA Student Congress

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