Assessment Center

We offer a very exciting program for IU Northwest students. We help students identify their developmental needs with respect to certain life skills that are helpful to students as they progress through college and enter the workforce.

  • We place students into work related simulations that allow them to see what it is like to be in the workplace.
  • Their performance is then evaluated by business professionals from the community.
  • One of the key concepts of this program is that students learn what skills they should develop more fully from the employers who they will one day be handing their resumes to!

Students participating in the Assessment Center can use that feedback to choose courses and extracurricular activities that develop those skills. These students will leave IUN better prepared for the workplace!

Please explore our website to learn more about this exciting program!

Student Comments

"I thought this was one of the best experiences I’ve had at IU Northwest!"

"I feel it was very helpful and educational in a workplace setting.  There were a lot of things I can take to work with me."

"I have been working in an office for more than 17 years, the exercises are realistic."

"I appreciate this assessment.  It gave me a look at some of the things that really come up in the work place.  Also, I got a feel for the different types of co-workers I will have."

"This was a hard experience for me, but also it was a good one.  It gave me an idea of what is expected in the work environment."

"This is a great program.  I stand behind it 100%."

"It puts you in real world settings."

"I loved the whole experience!"

"This was kind of nerve racking and fun at the same time.  I like not knowing what is going to take place next.  It allows you to be more yourself and shows how well you will work under pressure.  I am interested in what the results will provide to us."

"We went into something and really did not know what was going to happen next but we had to react."

"This assessment is a good tool for anyone.  It gives you a sneak peak at how the business world is conducted."

Rater Comments

"This will give [students] a better perspective on consequences of their actions and how the public receives the actions."

"[Students] need to understand that the rest of the organization depends on each person to analyze and make quick, insightful decisions."

"This helps tremendously in communication, thinking on your feet, and attitude."