Notes of Distinction: May 2022

Campus awards and accolades

University Advancement and External Affairs receives Creativity Award

Kudos to the IU Northwest Office of University Advancement and External Affairs, led by Jeri Pat Gabbert, for receiving a Creativity Award from ALDE, an international community of fundraising and communication professionals.

The creativity award recognized the team’s efforts surrounding Philanthropy Week, a week-long celebration that raises critical financial support to assist IU Northwest students. Since 2014, Philanthropy Week gifts have grown from raising $1,500 to nearly $20,000 in annual student scholarship support. 

David Klamen’s latest exhibit at GRAY Chicago

David Klamen, dean of the School of Arts and chancellor’s professor, debuted a recent series of 12 ceramic sculptures in a solo exhibition "Life Trophies." Constructed over the last several years, Klamen’s "Life Trophies" are an accumulation of visual fragments, mementos, and experiences that bring material reality to personal or forgotten history. 

"[These works] are compilations of the experiences of life, comprised in part by constant accumulation and exposure to stuff," Klamen said. "A collection of memories, collapsed attempts, past ambitions, and tchotchkes, topped off with a present moment of optimism and hope. A complicated visual world that discloses itself slowly, asking us to reflect on our experiences and to celebrate the perplexity of knowing ourselves." 

The solo exhibit is open until June 24, 2022 at GRAY Chicago.

Jeri Pat Gabbert’s published book chapter

Jeri Pat Gabbert, vice chancellor for University Advancement and External Affairs, has published a book chapter in "Achieving Excellence in Fundraising" (5th edition), the leading fundraising textbook based on research and practical expertise. The focus of Gabbert’s chapter is the steps necessary to build a comprehensive fundraising program. 

"Achieving Excellence in Fundraising" can be purchased through Amazon, or at other online retailers. 

Anja Matwijkiw: Co-signer of call for United Nations action

Anja Matwijkiw, professor of Ethics & Human Rights for the Philosophy program, was a co-signer of a United Nations call for action. In a statement urging Sixth Committee action on The International Law Commission’s draft articles on Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Humanity, the adoption of a Treaty was viewed as a necessity. The action was signed by dozens of prominent international lawyers and practitioners urging the Sixth Committee to make progress through the creation of a time-bound process with a clear mandate.

Reflecting on her role, specifically as the only ethicist to sign the action, Matwijkiw said, "I am deeply honored to have been invited as a co-signer. In my opinion, there is a need for more interdisciplinary efforts. To secure respect for human rights, for dignity and humanity, is a broad fight that cannot be limited to a legal notion of justice. To include an ethicist is a step in the right direction. It may signal the beginning of a new way of thinking about effective means and measures when it comes to human rights."



Lin Wozniewski named Volunteer of the Year

Congrats to Lin Wozniewski, lecturer in chemistry and physics, for being named the 2022 Volunteer of the Year by the Indiana Science Olympiad. Wozniewski has been at IU Northwest since 1989 and over her years has been active in Science Olympiad, Science Fair, FIRST Lego League, grading AP Physics, and American Chemical Society, among others.

2022 Employee Recognition Awards

Faculty Awards

Distinguished Service Award:
Zoran Kilibarda, professor of Geology

This award recognizes distinguished service by IU Northwest faculty and is designed to recognize substantive, significant, and sustained service activities across the academic career.

Distinguished Creativity/Research Award:
Anja Matwijkiw, professor of Ethics & Human Rights, Philosophy

This award recognizes distinguished research by IU Northwest faculty and is designed to recognize substantive, significant, and sustained scholarship/creative activity across the academic career.

Founder’s Day Full-Time Teaching Award:
Maureen Rutherford, associate professor, Psychology

This award acknowledges excellence in teaching. Awards for excellence in teaching are given both on a university-wide and campus-by-campus basis.

Founder’s Day Part -Time Teaching Award:
Katherine Peters, adjunct faculty member, Modern Languages

This award acknowledges excellence in teaching. Awards for excellence in teaching are given both on a university-wide and campus-by-campus basis.

New Advisor Award:
Maya Theus, advisor, College of Health and Human Services

The IU Northwest Board of Trustees’ Teaching Award

  • Yllka Azemi
  • Jaclyn Barkow
  • Jenny Fisher
  • Kate Gustafson
  • Daniele Rosso
  • Maureen Rutherford
  • Monica Solinas-Saunders

The IU Northwest Board of Trustees’ Teaching Award committee is responsible for designating up to 10 campus awardees. All full-time faculty members are eligible for this award, which is self-nominating

Staff Awards

Outstanding Staff Customer Service Excellence Award:
Nina Evans, patrol officer, IUPD-Northwest

This award recognizes outstanding staff who exemplify exceptional customer service including greeting people in a cordial and welcoming manner, making them feel important and appreciated, and ensuring all are treated fairly with courtesy and respect.

Outstanding Staff Pride Excellence Award:
Hollis Donald, custodian, Facilities Services

This award recognizes outstanding staff who create or foster a more productive workplace, promote the image of IU Northwest, work hard, usually behind-the-scenes, do the job well, are knowledgeable about all aspects of their position, and interact positively with campus constituents.

Distinguished Employees of the Year Excellence Award:
Barbara Dahl, director of Counseling Services, Counseling Services
Tameka White, program coordinator, Academic Support, Center for Innovation and Support in Teaching and Learning (CISTL)

This award recognizes outstanding staff who demonstrate dedication in achieving the mission of the University and their operating department, perform assigned tasks in an exemplary fashion, inspire other employees to improve, and demonstrate leadership and the ability to guide others.